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A COR / SECOR certification is achieved through the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA). Certification shows that the company’s Health and Safety Management System (HSMS) has been evaluated by a certified auditor and meets provincial standards established by Alberta Occupational Health and Safety. Maintaining a COR / SECOR ensures the ongoing review of a company’s Health and Safety Management System so that gaps can be identified and corrected. It also provides companies with an Alberta Government-issued certificate, recognizing their efforts in maintaining a healthy and safe workplace. To learn more, please visit the ACSA website.



Member Contractor

We are proud to be an ISNetworld Member Contractor. By collecting and verifying safety, procurement, quality and regulatory data from more than 69,000 contractors and suppliers worldwide, ISNetworld is the global leader for helping Hiring Clients connect with qualified contractors and suppliers. ISN takes pride in leading efforts to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of contractor management systems and in serving as a forum for sharing industry best practices among its members. To learn more, please visit the ISN website.



Certified Member

FOA is the international professional society for fiber optics. FOA Certification is based on the knowledge, skills and abilities deemed necessary for all technicians involved in the installation of fiber optic networks and is recommended for anyone involved in the design or management of fiber optic communications systems. To learn more, please visit the FOA website.



Certified Member

ComplyWorks offers an easy to use, scalable, integrated, proactive web-based risk management solution to help streamline contractor compliance management. Their pre-qualification and contractor management solution can:

  • Expedite contractor pre-qualification to payment;

  • Track third-party contractor certifications;

  • Verify compliance information;

  • Provide training and induction orientations;

  • Track incidents and manage remediation;

  • Manage workforce and worksite compliance; and

  • Monitor assets including preventative maintenance.

To learn more, please visit the ComplyWorks website.