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Providing quality, customized fiber optic networks specific to customer needs since 2008.

CMRev is a communication network infrastructure company dedicated to serving industrial and commercial clients across Western Canada. The company's founder, Darren Hood, believes strongly in the infinite communication possibilities of fiber optic networks.

We help our clients develop powerful, innovative networks designed to match not only their present needs, but also their future growth. We have developed and trademarked our own unique process that allows us to successfully construct customized fiber optic networks for each of our client's specific needs.



We serve a broad range of clients, including those in oil and gas, mining, telecommunications, construction, power, government, engineering and other industries where rapid and reliable communication is a priority.


Our clients experience the confidence and assurance that comes from a properly designed, constructed and reliable fiber optic network and the knowledge that we, as a member of their team, are there to support them each step along the way.

A partial list of the clients we're proud to serve:


Mission Statement

CMRev delivers advanced technology to connect the world, improve lives and minimize impact to the environment.

We commit to a high level of professionalism in pursuing the possibilities that fiber optics brings to a diverse range of applications. We take tremendous pride in our precision work and in the relationships we build with clients as we seek to transform innovation and skill into technology-driven solutions.

Core Values





Commitment to Quality

Team Oriented

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